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Sydney Computer Repairs provides services throughout Sydney City
and all Sydney suburbs. We offer a mobile computer repair service fixing your computer, laptop, workstation or server at your premises, remotely - online or we collect and deliver your hardware repaired, virus free and running faster, usually the following business day.  We speak plain English and will tell you exactly what's wrong with your slow computer and whether it's worth repairing before we start. For more information contact Sydney Computer Repairs today here: Contact Page or Phone us on 0418 252 262 for general pricing and a competitive quote.

Software We Use and Recommend:

Windows Seven UltimateWindows Seven Ultimate is probably the best all round desktop operating system that Microsoft have ever produced. It's stable, reliable and easy to use. Many older hardware peripherals, printers and the like can, be run in XP compatibility mode meaning lower costs when upgrading your system. Networking to multi platform networks is relatively simple and the 32 bit version runs well on older computers and laptops. The the 64 bit version will run many older 32 bit software applications too. Microsoft have commited to providing security updates for Windows Seven until January 2020. We highly recommend this version of the Windows platformand can be easily ugraded to Windows Ten.

Google Chrome is one of the better Web browsers. It's far more secure than Internet Explorer. It rarely crashes and runs on a multi process architecture meaning each tab or page is operating in it's own environment. It generally runs faster than most browsers. Google's Omnibox feature makes searching simpler and the 'Incognito' browsing option helps prevent harmful data from being stored on your browser or computer. Google Chrome is customizable allowing you to change the look and feel of your browser and fully integrates with googles other products.Google Chrome Browser

Firefox Web BrowserMozilla Firefox is by far the best truly independent web browser. Unlike Internet Explorer which only works with Windows Operating Systems and Google Chrome which seems to be increasingly requiring you to log in to your Google account, Firefox is open source, completely free and not linked to any major software corporation. Firefox have integrated private browsing allowing you to use it with complete stealth. It protects against spyware, malware and phishing attacks. Firefox can easily be incorporated into a Windows, Mac OSX, or Linux box and there's an Android version too. 

Apache Open Office has come a long way from the original Open Office product. If you're not a heavy Microsoft Excel or Power Point user then this is the office suite for you. Sure it's not as pretty as MS Office and lacks some of the visual basic functions that run in the Microsoft evrionment but it's free! That's right, 100% free, so you'll never be asked to update your subscription, pay for a new version or told that it's no longer supported with your version of Windows. It will however save work in Microsoft file formats and opens MS Word, Excel And Power Point files. Apace offers regular updates and improvements on their website. If you just need to create basic documents, spreadsheets and presentations then Appache Open Office is probably the best option for you!Apache Open Office

Mozilla ThunderbirdHands up who remembers Microsoft Outlook Express? It was standard issue with Internet Explorer on Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP. Suddenly it was gone and when Microsoft Vista became the operating system that we all loved to hate. Everyone had to use a new mail client too, Microsoft Mail. That was OK  but that was gone too when Windows Seven was launched. Microsofts paid version of Office Outlook was notoriously unreliable and required constant updates and security patches. If you only require an email client that works without Microsoft Exchange Server, a basic pop or web based email then Mozilla Thunderbird is perfect. You can run multiple email addresses and mail account types without any problems. Because it's open source it's totally free to download and use and Mozilla provides regular updates on their website. 

Ubuntu is probably the most user friendly version of a Linux operating system. The overall security advantage that Linux offers over Windows makes it a sensible replacement or of course you can dual boot with both Ubuntu and Windows. Whilst it does lack some of the graphics options and glassy look of Windows, the KDE version of Ubuntu is similar in many ways and will run many applications that work on Windows such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Apache Open Office, VLC Media Player and many more. Because it's Linux it's open source and completely free as are all the updates and most of the software. Some software developers ask for small donations to download their applications and that's fair enough, they've got to eat too! We've been using Ubuntu for many years and highly recommend it. If you have a little time and are prepared to learn something new give it a try yourself.Ubuntu Linux


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Services Provided:

Computer repairs in Sydney. On site and Online technicians. Laptop, notebook, server, workstations and desktop PC's supplied and repaired. Windows, new and re-installations, updates and upgrades. Broken computers fixed. Network issues & administration, wired and wireless. Internet connections set up and repaired. Router and modems supplied and installed. Firmware and flash bios upgrades. Windows, Mac and Linux installations and open source software. Dual, triple and multi boot computers set up and maintained. Customised Boot Loaders. Virus, Trojan, Mal-ware and Spy-ware removal. Cloud migration services, on site and on line back up. Remote PC support. Email set up. Anti spam-ware software. Transfer data and OS to larger hard drive without loss of data. Website design and maintenance. Content writing and content management systems. Prices that suit your budget. Daily collection and delivery of computers and hardware throughout Sydney City, Metropolitan Area, Eastern, Western and all Sydney suburbs, North Shore, Southern Sydney and The Lower Blue Mountains.  Computer Geeks without the 'Geek - Speak'.   Phone  0418 252 262 to speak to a technician today!

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