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Sydney Computer Repairs provides services throughout Sydney City
and all Sydney suburbs. We offer a mobile computer repair service fixing your computer, laptop, workstation or server at your premises, remotely - on line or we collect and deliver your hardware repaired, virus free and running faster, usually the following business day.  We speak plain English and will tell you exactly what's wrong with your slow computer and whether it's worth repairing before we start. For more information contact Sydney Computer Repairs today here: Contact Page or Phone us on 0418 252 262 for general pricing and a competitive quote.

Virus, Spyware,
Mal-ware & Trojan Removal.

Virus, Spyware And Malware Removal

We remove all the nasties
 from your computer completely.
We've never been beaten by any
 virus or malware infection to date!

Costs from $165 Including software.
* Subject to how badly your computer
 is  infected  at  the  time  of  service.

Phone:  0418 252 262  For Details. 
We Remove All The Infections From Your Computer.

We've lost count of the number of times people have said "But it can't be infected, it's got Norton Antivirus installed". Then when we start working on the computer we find out that it has an expired copy of the 'original trial anti virus' software that was pre-installed with the PC or laptop by the manafacturer. None of the current security software suites catch all the viruses and malware including the most expensive ones from Symantec, McAfee, Bit Defender and Trend Micro.

We install several security programs which run in tandem without affecting the computers performance. The software immunises your computer from browser threats and removes them if you accidently download a bad file.

Most kids install tool-bars from the free apps, software. music and movie torrents that they download. Once they've done this your PC or laptop is highly vulnerable to security threats, malware, phishing scams and hackers.

 Prices start from $165 at your place, plus collection and delivery if the computer is badly infected and needs to be repaired at our premises.

Upgrade That Old Computer To Windows Seven Ultimate.

On April 8th 2014 Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP.
If you are still running XP your computer is at serious risk of attacks from hackers and threats from viruses, trojans, spy-ware and malware. We can upgrade your PC or laptop to Windows 7 Professional or Ultimate. This will speed up your old computer considerably, plus you can run current anti-virus software to help protect it from the threat of cyber attacks. We can tailor the Windows Seven installation to suit the speed of your own computer and install compatible free anti-virus, anti spyware and anti malware software for you.
* Recommended Hardware Requirements:
Dual Core Processor or above, 4GB Ram  200 GB free hard drive space.
* Minimum Hardware Requirements:
Pentium 4, 2.4 Mhz processor or faster, 2GB of RAM and 100 GB free hard drive space.

You also will need an external hard drive for your files, photographs, music, documents etc.
Prices start at $165 plus collection and delivery.
Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrades.

Microsoft Support For Windows XP Has Finished
Windows Seven Ultimate

Windows XP no longer receives security updates.
MS extended support for Windows 7 continues until 14/01/2020

Upgrade to Windows Seven today from $165.00

* Subject to availability of operating system. Plus collection and delivery fees.

  0418 252 262  For Details.

General Computer Repairs
PC's, Desktops, Laptops Notebooks & Netbooks.

Computer Repairs, IT Support, Hardware And Software

Costs from $77 Plus parts & delivery.

  0418 252 262  For Details.

Hardware, Software, Operating Systems, Memory,
Hard Drives,  Power Supplies  -   We Fix The Lot!

Whether your computer needs a major service, is running a bit slow or has completely crashed we can help!

The majority of computer problems can be fixed remotely online or a technician can visit you at home or at your place of business. For more serious problems with hardware, major data recovery or complete rebuilds we collect, fix and then deliver your computer back to you. Apart from laptop and desktop computers we rebuild and update servers too and often install whole networks for small businesses. Whether you can't log onto the internet, need a larger hard drive or have lost precious family photographs or other files and documents, we can help you!
Prices start from $77 remotely, $99 at your place or $165 if the computer is picked up, repaired and re-delivered. We provide an up front quote prior to any work and will cap the hours not to exceed the computer value. 

Phone:  0418 252 262  For an obligation free quote.

Hewlett Packard Desktop PC's Win 7 64-bit.

These are ex-lease dual core 64 bit business desktop PC workstations and are perfect for home use or small business. These boxes are highly reliable workhorses. We have several of these desktops at our homes & offices and have supplied many more  to repeat satisfied customers. PC's are supplied fully cleaned and  tested and come with a mouse, keyboard and new power cable included. They are guaranteed for 3 months from the date of purchase, but in over two years of supplying these PC's we have never had one back for repair or a warranty claim. 
HP Intel Dual Core Processor, 8 GB RAM, 200 - 250 GB SSD, DVD R/W
Windows 10 Pro Pre Installed, Free Anti virus, Anti-Spy ware &  Anti Malware.
Your choice of MS or Open Office.

From $275 - $350.00 Delivered to your door! (Averege prices shown)
* Prices vary depending on exact model of machine, onboard chip-set, hard drive size installed and additional software requested by customer.
Full specs supplied at time of order depending on stock available at the warehouse.
Current Stock - Ex Lease Desktop Computers.

HP Ex Lease Computers
Ex Lease HP Desktop Computers

*Pictures for illustration only.
Screen not included, can be ordered separately.

  0418 252 262  For
& Delivery, Sydney Wide.

Computer Collection & Delivery Service.

Sydney Computer Repairs Daily Collection & Delivery Service

Phone:  0418 252 262  For
& Deliveries, Sydney Wide.
Mon - Fri Collection & Delivery Throught Sydney.

We collect and deliver Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays during the week and will deliver special orders on Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings if it's urgent.

If you phone before 10 am we can usually provide same day service, if not and your call's after ten then it's usually the next business day.

For a Delivery Quote Phone:  0418 252 262 
Collection & Deliveries, Sydney Wide.

Prices start at $45 and the average cost is $75 Sydney wide.
* Subject to where you are in located in Sydney.

Phone:  0418 252 262  For Service, Collection & Deliveries.

We work while you sleep. Most of our repairs are carried out at night enabling us to repair your computer, upgrade your software, remove viruses and the like at times that suit Sydney businesses. We can often provide a next day delivery for minor repairs and upgrades. Larger issues may take longer and we can sometimes provide a loan desktop computer if required, * (When Available).  Most updates and some software upgrades are carried out remotely minimising the inconvenience to your business or organisation.

We offer support and repairs for desktop and laptop computers, Windows or Linux. We repair and upgrade Macs and servers too. From problems connecting to the internet, networks setup, email issues, replacement PC's and much more. Sydney PC & Computer Repairs is your one stop shop for all your IT needs.

Services Provided - Sydney Computer Repairs Ubuntu Linux - Alternative To Windows Computers, Laptops, Destops, Servers & Workstations Desktop Computers, Notebooks, Netbooks & Macs. Windows Upgrades, XP - Vista - Seven - Win Eight Contact Sydney Computer Repairs

Some Of The Services Provided:

Computer repairs in Sydney. On site and Online technicians. Laptop, notebook, server, workstations and desktop PC's supplied and repaired. Windows, new and re-installations, updates and upgrades. Broken computers fixed. Network issues & administration, wired and wireless. Internet connections set up and repaired. Router and modems supplied and installed. Firmware and flash bios upgrades. Windows, Mac and Linux installations and open source software. Dual, triple and multi boot computers set up and maintained. Customised Boot Loaders. Virus, Trojan, Mal-ware and Spy-ware removal. Cloud migration services, on site and on line back up. Remote PC support. Email set up. Anti spam-ware software. OS & data transfer to larger hard drive without loss of data. Website design and maintenance. Content writing and content management systems. Prices that suit your budget. Daily collection and delivery of computers and hardware throughout Sydney City, Metropolitan Area, Eastern, Western and all Sydney suburbs, North Shore, Southern Sydney and The Lower Blue Mountains.  Computer Geeks without the 'Geek - Speak'.   Phone  0418 252 262 to speak to a technician today!

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